There Must Be A Sunrise In Every Ending

There Must Be A Sunrise In Every Ending

Ambient Noise Music

CD | 12 Tracks | 16 bits | 48000 Hz

There Must Be A Sunrise In Every Ending is the first album by César Pesquera as Portabot. It’s available at 12rec in CD format or free digital download. Cover designed by Actop

“There Must Be A Sunrise In Every Ending” es el primer álbum de César Pesquera como Portabot . Está disponible en 12rec en formato CD o descarga digital gratuita . Portada diseñada por Actop.


"Pesquera, tipo ambicioso, utiliza Portabot para investigar las posibilidades de tonos y acordes en cualquier dirección posible y eso convierte su debut en un artefacto rico y variado, en el que nubes de electricidad estática a lo Tim Hecker sobrevuelan los oceanos de texturas liquidas en los que Fennesz suele bañarse." Vidal Romero GO MAG #105

“For his album, Portabot created a carefully rounded down mixture of processed guitars, ambient synth-textures and a lot of in-between. The overall atmosphere of the LP is very dense, potentially melodic and capable of letting you drop your head to the desktop and dream off. Think of Tim Hecker, think of Four Tet.” Bettina Rhymes PHLOW MAGAZINE

12Rec Press Sheet
"Portabot is all about processed guitars, warm noise and the formation of textures from tones. The works of 12rec. artists Neuf Meuf and Heezen is audible, still Cesar's Summery drones recall My Bloody Valentine, Tim Hecker and Markus Popp as well. Packed with a stunning new artwork, sewn to quicksilver precision."

Track List
1. Liverpool
2. Relief
3. Sometimes/Nada Dura
4. Lokrum Waters
5. (a)Rdn
6. Re:Ghosts
7. Sometimes (Part2)
8. Sorry
9. Lost
10. Someone With My Face And My Name, But Not Me
11. Out
12. Lladro

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